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Have you ever purchased an item online, only to find out that the price dropped a few days later? This happens more often than you think. Retailers change the prices of their products, every single day. And most retailers promise to give you the lower price under their price adjustment policy. It turns out, however, that most shoppers either aren’t aware of these price drops or find it a real hassle to file price adjustment claims. The result is that shoppers end up paying more than they need to.

What Is a Price Adjustment Policy?

A price adjustment policy allows consumers to receive partial refunds from retailers after the item they purchased has dropped in price, within a time frame. They do this to retain goodwill—plus, it typically costs them less to refund the difference than it does to accept and process a refund from an unhappy customer.

How does it work? Say you buy a pair of headphones online from bestbuy.com for $125. The headphones go on sale for $100, two days later. Well, that’s unfortunate! However, if you file a price adjustment claim within 30 days, Best Buy will refund you the difference of $25 to the credit card you used when making your purchase. Pretty cool, right?

Well, not all policies are the same. Depending on the retailer, the eligibility period to file your claim ranges from 7 days to as much as 90 days. What’s even better is that some retailers will price match a competitor’s price even after you made your purchase.

How would consumers keep track of these policies?

Swiggle takes care of all the work and automatically saves you money on your online purchases. When prices drop after you buy, Swiggle gets you the refund. It’s so simple—you download the app, link your email and shop online as usual—Swiggle has you covered!

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