Get paid for late deliveries

Late Delivery Radar

[BETA] A first-of-its-kind feature among selling tools, helping you get compensation from retailers when they deliver your products late.

Spot delayed deliveries

Monitor your product’s fulfillment journey starting from products ordered, shipped to delivered and the one’s which are delayed for delivery. One dashboard which gives you a view into the status of all the products you’ve ever purchased.

Track late deliveries for each item

Use the ‘delayed delivery’ card to quickly spot all the items which are getting delivered late, giving you an option to inspect each item in detail.

Earn late delivery credits

Recover credits from retailers for delivering the item late. Click on ‘details’, and you will be taken to the purchase details screen of that particular product and an prompt to reach out to the retailer with a pre-populated response.


Be on top of your business, always

Sellers who proactively work with their customers to deal with late deliveries can reduce negative reviews, A-Z claims, and increase their chances of getting the buybox by 4x.