Swiggle automatically gets you money back when prices drop after you shop. Get the best deal from coupons and promo codes.

You know that disappointing feeling when you buy a pair of headphones online only to find the price drop literally 3 days after you bought it? Surprisingly, that happens far more often that you may realize. Using sophisticated dynamic pricing models and armies of data scientists, retailers change their prices all the time — sometimes a dozen times a day.  

We’ve All Been There!



Whether you’re buying clothes, shoes, electronics or bed sheets online, you’re probably overpaying. The numbers are actually quite staggering. Online shoppers in the U.S. and Canada are leaving unclaimed an estimated US$10.7 billion in eligible price adjustment refunds.

Retailers realize this. To avoid unhappy customers and to save the cost of having to restock returned items, most stores have generous price adjustment policies that offer to refund you the lower price. The problem is that you have to do all the work.  And that means checking daily for lower prices, deciphering dense price adjustment policy statements and wasting time haggling with them to get them to honour the lower price.


There’s An Easier Way


Swiggle automatically saves you money on your online purchases when prices drop after you buy — and it works at over 50 retailers across the U.S. and Canada including Amazon, Walmart, GAP, Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Victoria’s Secret and dozens of others.  It’s a ‘set and forget’ service,  which means that once you’ve linked the emails where you normally get your online purchase receipts, Swiggle does the rest.

It’s Super Simple.



  • You Shop Online As Usual

Sign-up by linking the email account you use for making online purchases. If you or your family use several email ID’s for online shopping — no problem — you can add them within the app too.


  • Swiggle Searches for Lower Prices for You

After obtaining your receipt information, Swiggle begins searching for better prices across your favourite retailers.


  • Swiggle Files the Claim for You

When a lower price is found, Swiggle automatically files the price adjustment claim for you and the gets the retailer to refund you the savings directly to your original form of payment.

Yeah, it actually that simple. Over the last 6 months, Swiggle users have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars — and growing!

We’ve got you covered:

Swiggle is free to download and free to use. You’ll only be charged a success fee after Swiggle actually gets you a successful refund. And your first refund is totally free — so it’s really easy to check out.

Pretty sweet, right?

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