• Save Money
    When Prices Drop
    After You Shop

    Swiggle gets you the
    price adjustment refund.


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Save Money

Most retailers have price protection policies. That means when prices drop, they can refund you the difference.

They make it hard.  We make it easy.

Save Time

Searching for lower prices and dealing with claim forms is a real hassle and can take you hours.

Don’t worry…Swiggle does it ALL for you.

You’re Protected

Retailers are constantly changing their prices – sometimes dozens of times a day.

You’re at their mercy.

With Swiggle, you’re protected.

How the Magic Works

Shop Online As Usual

Load your recent purchases by signing into the Swiggle app with the email ID you use for online shopping.

Search Prices

Swiggle only checks your inbox for receipts and begins searching for better prices. It’s always searching!

File Claims

When it finds one, Swiggle files the price adjustment claim for you and gets you your money back.

Swiggle works at most major retailers in the U.S. and Canada

Check out the FAQ for the full list

Pretty sweet, right?