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Better visibility leads to faster and more profitable growth. SourceKit is a powerful dashboard that draws actionable insights from your purchases to help you recover money and become a more successful Seller.

How SourceKit Works

Supercharge Your ROI

Link Emails

Link the email addresses you use for online shopping so SourceKit can identify your past purchases

Shop As Usual

Buy products as usual from your preferred online retailers

Grow Your Business

Let SourceKit streamline your operations and earn you money back!

Essential Toolkit for Sellers

SourceKit organizes your purchases and equips you with tools to help you become a profitable Seller—whether that’s on Amazon, eBay or Shopify.


Earn Prices Drop Adjustments

Get automatic money back when prices drop after you shop at many popular online sourcing sites.


Recover missing returns

Sometimes retailers fail to credit you for returned items. SourceKit helps you recover those refunds from missing returns.


Get paid for late deliveries

When retailers deliver your orders late, SourceKit automatically alerts you so you can protect your metrics.


Organize all your purchases


Know your customers better


Download all your data

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SourceKit protects your personal information with industry standard SSL and encryption so your business is always safe and secure.

100% Risk Free

Try SourceKit today, risk-free. Cancel your account anytime and you’ll receive an automatic refund, down to the last penny.

Christopher M, Online Arbitrage Reseller
Christopher M, Online Arbitrage Reseller
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Five Stars! An essential part of my dropshipping toolkit. I've gotten $2,600 back with Swiggle since joining in January 2018. As an eBay/Amazon dropshipper, I mostly source on and Swiggle has really increased my ROI by getting me hundreds of price drop refunds, sometimes 2 or 3 months after I made my purchase.​
Maria A, Trinital Solutions Inc.
Maria A, Trinital Solutions Inc.
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Swiggle is an awesome 'set it and forget it' app that does all the work for us. We just don't have the time to manually reclaim money. Until now, Walmart kept all that post-purchase price drop money. Thanks to Swiggle and the masterminds behind the app, we have increased our ROI overall by at least 10%. We look forward to getting our "Swiggle saved you money today!" emails.